In our blog (it opens a new window), you've seen an entry called "15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly". Now, it is your turn to some self-criticism and create a list of common mistakes created by students, so we'll all learn from our classmates mistakes and try not to repeat them.

For example:
Spanish students of English, tend to ommit the Subject when writing. WRONG Subject is obligatory in English

Add more examples.
  • Affirmative sentences in present simple and past simple do not need the auxiliary. * Mary does play footbal. Mary PLAYS football. *Mary did play football Mary PLAYED football.
  • Adjective order is the same as in Spanish. WRONG The correct order is Adjective + Noun: The blue car.
  • Adjectives of personality do not go with "a". Tom is a kind.
  • Aderbs of Frequency go after the Subject: I usually play football.
  • Arm does not mean "arma" but "brazo". The word for "arma" is weapon.
  • Correlative "so" does not go with a: The house was so a beautiful...
  • Negation of the verb "To Be" is negated after the verb "to be". It does not use the auxiliary do. "I don't be" It would be "I AM NOT"
  • Whose and Who's: "Whose" is the relative pronoun of possession: Mary, whose car is red, is my best friend. BUT "Who's" is the short form for "Who is": Relative pronoun for people + auxiliary verb: Who's afraid of the big bad wolf.